B.Sc (Engineering Physics) degree

Engineering Physics is the study of the combined disciplines of physicsengineering and mathematics in order to develop an understanding of the interrelationships of these three disciplines. Fundamental physics is combined with problem solving and engineering skills, which then has broad applications. The Engineering Physics Programme of the Department of Physics is therefore designed to integrate what is conventionally considered “engineering” and “pure physics” with emphasis on the use of mathematical tools. Usually, the interests of both engineering and pure physics cover a broad spectrum of overlapping fields and it is increasingly becoming artificial to draw a definite dividing line between them. However, the repackaged Engineering Physics programme takes into consideration current ‘best practices’ in terms of ‘what students are taught’ in similar programs around the world. Since this program is seen as being more relevant to 21st century manufacturing industry, it is our desire to make it appeal to the best of the best students coming out of the secondary schools and entering the university to study science and engineering.